Frequently Asked Questions

You can use our services for cold email but need to focus on few points:
  • 1. Email Id’s should must be Verified
  • 2. Domain name should must be whitelisted.
  • 3. Your content must be spam free words.( Contact our support to know the spam words)
  • 4. You are using any valid source to send emails.
  • Follow the above step and Enjoy your “Happy Mailing” with us.
You can easily configure in any online/offline email marketing software like; Outlook, Mailwizz, Send blaster and Atomic email sender and many more.
Yes, we have trail package but it’s not free. As we provide dedicated SMTP server, So we need to configure on user domain directly. However, you can opt for 3 to 5 days to check the performance on very nominal cost.
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Contact to our support team if you want any customized plan to buy.Number of Ip’s vary on our Pricing plan and customer requirement, we can provide upto 256 ip’s to a single client that can send Millions of email daily.
SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Server is used for sending, receiving and relaying emails between receivers and senders. The server has an address set by the application or mail client being used, and the nomenclature is as smtp. The process works like after the message is sent, the SMTP server decodes and decides to send the email to the destined server and does it. The recipient's mail client then downloads the email and puts it in the inbox for the recipient to see.
Yes, from the dashboard that you’ll get after opting for the service, you can see the delivery rate, open rate, bounce rate and more.
Usually it takes less than 24 hours to complete the setup.
SMTP relay is used by many businesses to send bulk emails due to its good email deliverability, ease of maintenance and advanced analytics, which makes the email ROI better. Companies use the SMTP relay service of email service providers to send bulk emails without using their server. The larger email volumes with SMTP relays are sent with ease, and they are not marked as spam or bothered by sending limits. Many investments and resources are directed towards making the email infrastructure more robust to handle bulk volumes by the email service providers.
One can set their SMTP server and build the infrastructure for that, but the downside is that it is very costly and can take days or weeks based on your experience. So the better deal is to use the SMTP relay service provided by the email service providers, which will save time. The service providers host and take care of your email server, and you just got to go with the flow.
SMTP server service gives you more freedom over your sender reputation and you don’t have to share your resources. SMTP also lets you send emails in large number.
Email marketing has existed since the inception of the internet and has been an integral part of everyone's day, and the most important thing is that it is growing, improving and becoming popular day by day. To back it up, let's see some facts. In a survey done in 2018, 50 per cent of the world's total population, 3.8 billion people approx. use emails which is predicted to go up to 4.2 billion people by the end of 2022. As one can see, more people are reading, sending and engaging via email, especially for marketing operations for their businesses.
For each $1 spent by you, the average ROI is $42 through email marketing. If a person starts by investing one dollar, they will get 42 times the $1 in return. 36% of email marketing ROI is driven by the list segmented emails and targeted emails out of the email campaigns sent, as stated by the reports.
Transactional email is an email type sent to enable a mutual agreement between the recipient and the sender. This kind of email specifically contains information needed by the recipient, extremely essential to the customer experience, and they also possess' high open rates. The few common examples of transactional emails are:
  • Order confirmation emails.
  • Shipping notification emails.
  • Password reset emails.
  • Delivery confirmation emails.
  • Double opt-in emails.
  • Invoice emails.
  • Newsletters: It is the most commonly sent email by any business. Almost 83% of the companies send out this type of email.
  • Lead Nurturing: this type of email is a series of linked emails sent in a time interval of several days or even weeks.
  • Transactional: These emails are sent to the customers, such as confirmation or receipts, and they also possess the highest opening rates.
The health of your branded domain presented by the mailbox providers is known to be your domain reputation. This can be measured by many actions such as spam complaint rate, bounce rates, engagement and spam traps. Maintain a good domain reputation is essential as you can use shared IPs, add new IPs and even change the IPs without letting you worry about your good connection and reputation with your brand. Your domain reputation does not depend upon your IP address rather; it is based on your sending domain.