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Mass email Services or Bulk email Sender Sevices are the most used terms when it comes to the use of Bulk Email Service Provider for small businesses. Mass email sending is done as per the schedule of the marketer.

It can be either sent to all the email IDs in the mailing list or to the list of subscribers. If needed, these emails can be sent directly to a particular segment.

Be it promotional or a newsletter, mass email services helps every business in connecting to their customers in a more personalized way.

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iDealsmtp is the leading bulk email services provider with free cloud-based software in use in, UK, Canada, Morocco, Nigeria, Spain, France, Germany, India, Netherland, Africa and all over the globe.

As a local service provider, we take care of every aspect of Bulk email Sender from our software. Our Cloud-based Bulk Email Marketing Server tracks open, click, unsubscribe, and bounce reports.

Mass emailing and transactional emails are sent by most of the organization. Email blast is done as per the schedule of the marketer. It can be either sent to all the email IDs in the mailing list or to the list of subscribers.

If needed, these mails can be sent directly to a particular segment. Be it promotional or a newsletter, Mass email Services helps every business in connecting to their customers in a more personalized way.

Features You Get With Our Bulk Email Service

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Web-Based Solution

The Mass Email Sending Services software that you'll be provided with for sending bulk email is a web-based solution. You can access your dashboard from anywhere and anytime.

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Pre-Made Email Templates

You get pre-made email design templates for newsletters, offer emails, seasonal greetings and more with our Mass mailing Service Providers . This reduces the hassle of creating an email design template from scratch.Also read How to create email template/newsletter for bulk emails

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Create Lists for Segmentation

Our Mass Mailing Solution allows you to create different lists of email addresses. By segmenting email ids in different lists on the basis of users data you can make your email campaigns more personalized and that ultimately leads to high open rates and clicks.


Blacklist Monitoring

Our Bulk Email Marketing Service also allows you to check whether your IP is blacklisted or not and also showing the reason if it gets blacklisted.

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Track Metrics

With our Bulk Email Service Provider , you get to track various metrics such as open rate, clicks, delivery and more. This feature lets you optimize your Bulk email marketing Services in a better way.

How our mass/bulk email services work?


Create a List

First, we need to create a list of email contacts that will be receiving our email. You can also create different lists for a particular type of email content.


Import Contacts

Second, you need to update email contacts into the lists that we have created. Contacts can be imported from files in text, CSV, or SQL format.


Design Template

You can design an email template using our software's built-in template design-builder. You can also take help of pre-made design templates to save time.


Send Campaign

After you are done with making the template, you can now send or schedule your email campaign.


Track Results

After you are done with sending your emails, then you can track various metrics from your dashboard such as clicks, delivery rate, bounce rate and more.


Generate Sales

Now you can sit back and reap the results of your well planned out campaign or plan your next email campaign.

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Sending Limit

Sending Limit

Sending Limit





Why Choose our bulk email Solutions

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By leveraging methods like email segmentation and historic data you can make your emails more personalized for users. This leads to a high open rate, clicks and more brand recall value.


Nurture Leads

Bulk emailing lets you nurture leads with less time & effort. Following up and staying in touch with your each and every client is difficult but email marketing makes it easy for you.


Reduced Time

Other Marketing options such as telesales campaigns, postal mailings, etc., need more effort and time, whereas bulk email software does the job for you without having technical person.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Our bulk emailing solution is easy to use and does not require a person to know the technical know-how of email marketing. Even if you face an issue our team is always there to help you out.

What Impacts the Deliverability Of Your mass emails sending?

Message Infrastructure Health

Infrastructure and network health impacts email deliverability. Domain Name Service (DNS) of SMTP checks the name resolution and reliable network connectivity, and if something goes off-track, then messages are blocked.

It is highly essential for managing inbound mail traffic. So, the entire system's health, whether it is receiver or sender, has to be pitch-perfect without any DNS or connectivity issues to deliver emails in a reliable and timely way.

Message Content

The message deliverability depends on the content of the message (including URLs, message texts, attachments and headers) as that will only help decide whether a message is malware or spam and blocking the unwanted ones.

Sometimes, legit emails of pharma, dating sites etc., ends up getting blocked. The filtering technology has evolved as collaborative filters came into the picture.

The spam reports generated by multiple services and sites are sent to a centralized service, and whenever one email gets blocked, other websites that are using the same filtering data also block the email.

Sender History and Filtering

Collaborative filtering was taken over by reputation-based filtering. Different filters will have different sender’s reputation checking.

But the process is similar that information from the message source (purported domain and sender’s IP address), the message content, recipient’s feedback (spam button clicking) and also the sender behaviour in the past (including suspicious messages and messages sent per unit time) is checked by reputation systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can customize emails sent with bulk email senders by adding personalization tags, images, links, and formatting options to make emails more engaging and relevant to your audience. This helps increase open and click rates, and ultimately conversions.

To adopt email templates to email solutions, you can use the drag-and-drop editor provided by the solution or upload your own HTML code. You can then edit the content, layout, and template design to match your branding and messaging.

With an Mass Mailing Solution, you can send a variety of emails, e.g. For example, newsletters, promotional emails, transactional emails, event invitations, and more.

Yes, many mail delivery solutions offer tools and features to help you comply with data protection laws, e.g. B. Opt-in and opt-out processes, data encryption, and privacy policy management.

To increase your bulk email open rate, you can try using compelling subject lines, personalization, segmentation, and A/B testing to find the most effective email content for your audience. It's also important to maintain a good sender reputation and avoid spam trigger words to ensure your email gets to the recipient's inbox.

Yes, most email-sending services allow users to send emails to multiple recipients at once. This is often done through the use of mailing lists or groups.

When choosing a bulk email service provider, consider factors such as pricing, delivery rates, automation features, user interface, and customer support. Look for a provider that offers the features and level of service you need within your budget.

Yes, most bulk email service providers offer automation features that allow you to set up automated email sequences based on triggers such as sign-ups, purchases, or birthdays. This can save you time and help you nurture leads or customers more effectively.