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Choosing the right email marketing service provider is crucial for your company's Growth ,so understand it before availing from any Email marketing Company.
Email Marketing is a type of Digital marketing and this can help you automate your emails and create funnels easily. Buy Quality email marketing services by idealSMTP and, create your marketing strategy & start generating leads by the help of email marketing specialists & email deliverability consultant increasing brand recognition, establishing connections, and keeping customers engaged in purchasing services. Our email marketing services in the United states(USA), Canada, Netherland, India, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Australia, Morroco, South Africa, Kenya, China are availbale with best server setup to send fast email delivery.
Email marketing for Large & medium businesses can help you connect with your audience via email by setting up newsletters & always keep engaging. To be precise, email marketing is the most successful lead generator, particularly for B2B and B2C firms, as it helps firms generate more leads and satisfy their sales process.

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Features Of Our Email Marketing Services

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Detialed Campaign Insights

Check details of bounced emails, Open rate tracking in your email marketing campaign, and more deapth insights from your campaign overview section in your dashboard.


Pre Made Marketing Templates

Designing email marketing template is an exclusive thing that must be done appropriately to deliver your brand’s message. Our email marketing solutions provide you with pre-made email design templates.


Track Every Action

The best part of email marketing sending services is that it lets you track whether users have opened your email or not. You can also check metrics such as delivery rate, bounce rate, opens, clicks and more.

Email Schedulin

Email Scheduling

OurEmail marketing solutions allows you to schedule your emails marketing campaign for a specific time. This helps in planning & implementing your email marketing strategy in advance. We are the best Email marketing services provider with proven results

Our Email Marketing services Pricing

Plan 50k

Plan 500k

Plan 1M

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Sending Limit

Sending Limit

Sending Limit

Sending Limit

50k Emails

500K Emails

1M Emails

10M Emails

Process Of Email Marketing


Create a List

You must first find people to send emails before you can officially begin sending the emails. You can do so by putting a banner or form to your website that asks visitors to subscribe or you can also use your existing email data.


Design Template

Just by using segmentation and analytics, your broadcasts improve and get even greater outcomes than a simple campaign. The technique of segmenting your email list into more targeted groups is known as email segmentation.


Plan Content

You may expect a successful email campaign if your call to action is powerful and your follow-up is constant. Make An Introduction email for sending out to a new subscriber and make sure you send out emails at regular intervals.


Design Body

Your subscribers will be more likely to open your email if you use a combination of good graphics and content presentation. Discuss your readers' interests and Include images.


Send Campaign

After you are done with making the template, you can now send or schedule your email marketing campaign.


Track Results

After you are done with sending your emails, then you can track various metrics from your dashboard such as clicks, delivery rate, bounce rate and more.

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Benefits Of Email Marketing services in 2022

Email marketing servcies will help you achieve of these three major benefits to your Company:

PersonalizationBy segmenting your email contacts according to users historic data you can make your email campaigns more personalized. This leads to high open rate and engagement with the users. Email inbox is a curated area for one preferred business communication. Having your brand appear in someone's email inbox can help your brand stay top of mind.

Nurture LeadsEmail marketing plays an important role in lead nurturing and up/down selling. You can inform your users about a new offer you might be coming up with or you may also drive traffic to your site and then get in front of them by running retargeting ads.

Cost-EffectiveEmail marketing costs less than other modes of digital marketing like social media and paid advertising. Our reasonable pricing makes it even better! With us, businesses are able to achieve a high get on investment.Our email marketing specialists & email deliverability consultant always ready to support you 24*7 with their best ability.

Frequently Asked Questions

The benefits of using Track By Action include increased project visibility, better team communication, increased productivity, and reduced risk of project delays or failures.
Email scheduling is a feature that allows users to write and send emails at a later time or date instead of right away.
Yes, most email clients have a "Scheduled" folder where you can see a list of all your scheduled emails.
You can build your email list by offering a sign-up form on your website, promoting your newsletter on social media, or offering exclusive content in exchange for an email address.
You can personalize the content of your emails by using your subscribers' names, referencing their past behavior, and offering personalized recommendations.
Email marketing is an effective way to reach and connect with your audience, promote your brand and increase sales.